Monday, December 14, 2009

To layaway or not?

The Coachella world's worst kept secret-the dates-were confirmed last night to be April 16, 17, and 18. Along with the official announcement came some fun new policies:

Camping space versus camping per person-meaning, you buy a space and then anyone can cram into that space.

RV camping-now allowed-for $250.

Car camping-you can now park your car next to your camping space. However, you're basically stuck there if you do that.

Ins and Outs-arguably the best new feature, everyone is now allowed in and out of the festival.

In addition, Coachella is again doing a layaway option for this year. These tickets are on sale NOW. You will be required to put down 50% and then make additional payments; once they are paid off, your tickets will be shipped to you. The upside is avoiding interest on your credit card by using the layaway plan. The downside is that if you end up not going, you lose your money on your tickets if you don't pay them off and have them shipped to you in time. Plus, there's an additional $14 fee to have them fedexed to you.

I'm waiting until the onsale date; they won't sell out during the layaway plan anyway.